Garden Accessories | FREE Delivery on All Orders 4 Packs or More

Once you start landscaping your garden, it can be hard to stop! That’s why we offer a variety of accessories to let you add a pebbled walkway, create a rockery, or even install a spherical water feature.

Your garden can be beautiful as well as functional, with aggregates and pebbles to cover the earth and prevent weed growth around your favourite plants, or woodstone planters that mimic the appearance of wood but have the longevity and durability of concrete.

As with everything else in the Marshalls range, you can choose from a huge variety of colours and materials to suit your style and budget. Buy online with Lawsons for prompt delivery and excellent customer service. We’re one of only 4 suppliers around the UK who work with Marshalls to offer the option to buy online, giving you Marshalls’ quality and Lawsons’ customer service all at a click of your mouse.

Complete your paving with a beautiful rockery, planters, or a water feature, and find out just how much more Lawsons can offer below.