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Building a garden path makes your garden more usable throughout the year and protects your carpets from the inevitable mud and grass stains if you have to go into the garden a lot. Luckily, garden paths are easy to build and we offer a huge range of options to suit any landscape and budget.

If you’d like a simple path running around or through your garden, we offer permeable paving and driveway block paving that can be used to create your path. If you’d prefer something a little more whimsical or unusual, Cropped Granite Setts and Drivesett Deco will help you achieve that effect.  You can make your choice by material, look, texture, or even colour to create the perfect path to suit your garden – Lawsons offer everything from deep blacks, through browns, buffs, and greys, to vibrant greens and reds. The options even offer paving for gardens that experience a bit more rain than usual, where you need to ensure proper drainage while maintaining a safe and attractive way to move around the garden.

Take a look at our range today and find out how you can transform your garden with the perfect path. You can browse the full range of options below and click through to buy online too.