SYMPHONY Vitrified Plank Paving

From £1,169.09 per pack

SYMPHONY Vitrified Plank Paving
SYMPHONY Vitrified Plank Paving

Product Description

Symphony Vitrified Plank Paving is a low maintenance paving range, allowing you to prefectly recreate the colours and texture of wood planks with no warping or degradation. Symphony Vitrified Plank Paving is available in 2 colours; Cherry and Birch . There is a single pack size available - 295x1192x20mm, which includes the jointing compound required. Each pack covers 17.28m2.
  • Colours Available: Symphony Cherry (SCH) & Symphony Birch (SBI)
  • Single size pack - 295x1192x20mm - 20mm thichness
  • Each pack covers 17.28m2
  • Enjoy all the attractive advantages of wood with none of the drawbacks
  • Low maintance, cost and time effective paving solution


Product Prices

  • 200x1192x20, Birch - £1,552.80 (90 Per Pack)
  • 200x1192x20, Char - £1,552.80 (90 Per Pack)
  • 200x1192x20, Cherry - £1,552.80 (90 Per Pack)
  • 200x1192x20, Oak - £1,552.80 (90 Per Pack)
  • 295x1192x20, Birch - £1,169.09 17.28 m2 (48 Per Pack)
  • 295x1192x20, Char - £1,169.09 (48 Per Pack)
  • 295x1192x20, Cherry - £1,169.09 17.28m2 (48 Per Pack)
  • 295x1192x20, Oak - £1,169.09 17.28 m2 (48 Per Pack)

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Delivery: £72 per pack from 1 - 3 packs
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